Multi-brand, Extend your LMS and onboard learners more quickly with OOMAX Pro

Onboard new (Learners, Employees, Instructors) through a self-service approach to your LMS and other applications in your learning ecosystem, reducing wait times to begining their learning journey with your organization. Leverage our Multi-brand portals to offer your learning content to very different audiences with different identity management needs and do it all while reducing your workload!

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Onboarding Optimization

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Easily Manage Your Partner Experiences

OOMAX Facilitates Branded Login Experiences for Diverse Learner Groups

OOMAX facilitates branded (white-labeled) login experiences for organizations serving diverse learner groups, such as partners, franchises, clients, or different brands, whether they need unique or similar login workflows.

Branded Login Endpoints


Built to get more out of your Learner and Employee Onboarding

Social and Enterprise IdPs

Built to get more out of your Learner and Employee Onboarding

Integrated identity management with all social media logins and corporate SSO supported applications.

Branded Login Page - White-Label

Easily managed white-label login experiences into your LMS for your customers

At a click, you can now offer white-label experiences for your customers for either different course categories or downstream resellers. The combinations are endless!

Codes Module - automation

Automate course registration and group assignment with our Codes™ Module

The revolutionary Codes™ Module automates all of the post-registration course assignment workload during the registration process, improving user experience and reducing administrative overhead.

Key Features

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Social or Enterprise Identity Providers Compatible: Google, Facebook, Azure, HRIS Systems, Active Directory, SIS Systems, and More!

Branded White-Labeled Login Pages

Create distinct branded login pages for the different Leaner groups you service such as in the case of partners, franchises, or internal/external users.

Codes™ Module

Speed up and optimize enrolment and group membership with our Codes™ module.

Advanced Registration Information Collection

Use tailored forms to collect the right information you need from your end-users.

LMS Compatible

Moodle, Canvas, Totara Learn, LearnWorlds, Blackboard and D2L Brightspace

Central Administration

Manage multiple login pages (profiles) from a centralized place.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Enhance your security to meet your compliance needs.

Support for Industry Standard Authentication Protocols

OAuth, OIDC, and SAML

Shared or Separate User Identity Pools

Share or keep your end-user identities separated across your login page Brands.


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